The Cibus are a people of green-skinned amphibians. The floodlands and estuaries they inhabit are excellent for agriculture and fishing. This plentitude of food has allowed the Cibus to prosper both culturally and economically. The canals and streets of their cities are lined with palaces, libraries, parks and temples and many of the world's finest artisans and artists hail from their ranks.

The Cibus religion is based on the belief that the flow of Y'Avan, also known as Holy Water, sustains life and brings good health, prosperity and harmony. The Cult of Y'Avan is focused on eliminating poverty and disease as these things are considered an obstruction to the flow of Y'Avan. However, a secret branch of the Cult takes a different approach: they hunt after corrupt officials, crime lords, enemy generals and others who would disrupt harmony and obstruct the flow. They are known as the assassins.